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The Immediate Effects of HB 2001! | New Required Rental Assistance Notice

House Bill 2001 has been signed by the Governor and is in effect. The law change substantially impacts service of notice for nonpayment, now requiring that a special disclosure form be included with notices for nonpayment.

You can download a PDF of the required notice HERE.

For more details, please read the following explainer by Attorney Brian Cox: How Evictions are Changing Under HB 2001 (2023) – Important Changes to Oregon Eviction Law.

– Updated March 2023 –

ORHA Form T14
Abandoned Property Notice – Deceased Sole Tenant
** New Address for the Oregon State Treasury **

There is a new address for the Oregon State Treasury – When dealing with unclaimed property, you will now direct all abandoned property/deceased sole tenant forms and unclaimed tenant funds to the new Oregon State Treasury address: 

867 Hawthorne Ave. SE
Salem, OR 97301.

This new address will soon be updated on ORHA Form T14 | Abandoned Property Notice – Deceased Sole Tenant. Please be sure to double check the address on any T14 forms revised prior to April of 2023.

For more details, please view the Oregon State Treasury Website.

– Updated April 2023 –


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