Our Mission is:

To unite, for their mutual good, rental housing owners, managers and/or their agents in southeastern Oregon;

  1. Take an active lead in issues that will benefit members of the association in their business.
  2. To strive for the establishment of standards that will maintain the rental housing industry is in the area in an ethical and professional business manner.
  3. Promote publicity and legislation beneficial to the rental industry.
  4. To stimulate cooperation between rental housing owners/managers to the end that the best possible service will be rendered to the owner/manager and renter.
  5. Share knowledge in order to assist in obtaining more efficient and economical operation of their rental business.
  6. Provide information and seminars in management, laws, and regulations for the continuing education of its members.

Member Benefits:        Why should you join?

  • Training Programs to Help You Manage Your Properties 
  • Continuing Education Credits for Real Estate Professionals
  • Members Discounts on Classes and Materials
  • Network - Learn from Others and Share Experiences
  • Keep Current on the Changes to the Oregon Landlord/Tenant Laws
  • Legislative Clout in Number
  • Current Landlord/Tenant Law Books
  • User Friendly Management Forms Designed to Help You be Lawful and More Effective

Upcoming Events

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