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Send your email now to oppose HB 2004-A. Must do it today!

May 05, 2017 12:12 AM | Anonymous

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

I can’t fight HB 2004-A alone and its starting to feel like I am.

I must have your help NOW! ORHA has over 3,000 members all across Oregon, and less than 200 of you have submitted testimony. This is an embarrassing and ridiculously low percentage!

Silence is consent, and if you don’t exercise your voice now, you will have no right to complain about the result, an unpleasant consequence that we may all have to live with.

Thankfully, testimony on HB 2004-A has been extended through Friday.

Make your voice count on HB 2004-A. Here is the link, shs.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov just click on it, write a quick sentence and hit send. That's all it takes!

If all you have is a single sentence, then so be it. Just say “I’m a landlord in X County, and I urge you to oppose HB 2004-A.” This single sentence is better than nothing.

I’m counting on all of our ORHA members. Don’t let me and each other down now, when it matters the most. Make your voice heard and do it NOW!

Jim Straub
Your ORHA Legislative Director

Oregon Rental Housing Association
1462 Commercial Street N.E. Salem, Oregon 97301


  • May 05, 2017 12:24 AM | Anonymous
    My letter to the Senate Opposing HB 2004-A

    I am a Retired Army Soldier of 26 years and now a Landlord. I would like you to vote against Rent
    Control, Eliminating No-Cause Notices for Termination, Relocation Costs of Tenants and/or any other bill that is introduced or modified to effect rent control, the elimination of No Cause Notices of Termination, or to repeal the statewide prohibition of cities and counties to regulate rents.

    On the surface these items might look like good measures for the renters, but none of these items will actually help a renter. What we need, in a free society, is the ability to build more housing easily to allow for a free market of supply and demand. Prices will lower when more units are available. We should concentrate our efforts in providing more housing options and not less.

    Rent control has proven to be a failure. It leads to an adverse effect on owners, property conditions, and unsafe environments for renters. If I, as a Homeowner can only rent at a governed level and this does not pay for mortgage, insurance and taxes, how can I fix items on the residence, let alone improvements? Housing will
    start to look like the slums in Chicago or New York that have unsuccessful rent control; unsafe and dilapidated. If I can only raise the rent 5% every year, I will, because that is the only option given to me to try to maintain with inflation standards and that will have a very bad impact on the renter. (i.e. $1,000 Monthly
    Rent will increase $50 every year, so next year $1,050 Monthly Rent, and the next $1,102.50 Monthly Rent.) I don’t know of anyone being able to keep up with $50 increases every year. My retirement check never increases enough every year to cover the other essentials and with Rent increases, then soon renters will be
    moving again. In the last three years of renting, I have not increased rent, except for now, because of the new laws trying to be introduced. I will have no other option than to raise rents at the percentages provide if these laws pass. I don’t think this is what the law is trying to promote, but it will.

    We are a country of freedoms and this will essentially eliminate them. A lease or rental agreement is a contract of services or products provided to the public and mandated fairly by the Federal and State Governments to ensure everyone has the ability to enter into a contract of their choice. If I offer services that are somewhat
    different than my competitors, can’t I charge differently? (i.e. 3 Bedroom House has two bathrooms and a garage, where another has only one bathroom and no garage) Different services at different prices are fair and contracts that are entered into are decided upon fairly. If you don’t want my services at my prices then shopping around would be the best option, especially if there were lots to choose from. I don’t expect the
    same current services or products to remain at the same price due to inflation increases, so why would capping costs work? Do we limit how much a car costs or how much homeowner’s insurance costs each year by state law? The answer is no.

    The current law ORS 91.225, states that the Legislative Assembly finds that the imposition of general restrictions on housing rents will disrupt an orderly housing market, increase deferred maintenance of existing housing stock, lead to abandonment of existing rental units and create a property tax shift from rental-owned to owner-occupied housing. Clearly, these reasons have not changed. What has changed is the increased
    population in certain areas of the state, such as Portland, by population choice for employment, Section 8 entitlements, marijuana laws, etc. This increase of population can only be remedied by increased housing and not restricting it. Foster the growth, by eliminating building restrictions, encourage more rental opportunities without rent control and meet the needs of your fellow Americans with more growing opportunities of

    I thank you for your attention in this matter and welcome any replies or further communication about these items. I know I addressed only one of the three items I listed and will put thought to paper in the near future. Thank you for your efforts and due diligence.

    Cloud Miller
    Master Sergeant (Retired), U.S. Army


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